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A Look at the Master

  • Approx. 6,100 employees covered by an agreement with the USW
  • 10 U.S. locations 
  • Employees at these plants make aluminum and provide products for customers in aerospace, automotive, consumer packaging, industrial products and oil and gas exploration


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Negotiations Begin with April 10th Opening Session


Alcoa and United Steelworkers (USW) representatives met in Pittsburgh April 10, 2014 for the Master Agreement negotiations opening session. Three meetings were held:


  • Opening remarks led by Bob Wilt (Alcoa), and Tom Conway (USW)
  • A benefits table discussion
  • A contract language table discussion


Bob Wilt, President of Global Primary Products, and Chairman of the Employee Relations Council described the competitive environment in which Alcoa businesses are operating in today.  He stressed that while we are a company with great opportunity, we are also a company in an industry that faces significant challenges.  These include:


  • Curtailment of smelters due to challenging global market conditions in primary aluminum that includes 4-year lows in aluminum prices and increased costs;
  • Continued domestic and global competition in the markets we compete; and
  • Our rising labor costs, including not just wages but also increased costs for health care, retirement and other benefit programs.


“I believe we all have the same objective in mind – to reach an agreement that is fair to our employees and positions our business for future success. Alcoa and the United Steelworkers have a proud history of working together, resolving problems and finding common ground, and I am confident that we will be successful in doing so again.”


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